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Mayor Ed Waage

Recycled Water Program: Central Coast Blue

I have been a strong advocate to recycle our precious water to help us get through droughts and the result is Central Coast Blue.  This project will increase our water supply and also protect our ground water basin. We are working with our partner cities of Arroyo Grande and Grover Beach in this effort. Pismo Beach is leading this effort.

Shell Beach Streetscape

The Shell Beach Streetscape project is finished. This project provides underground utilities, a multi-use path for pedestrians and bicyclists and makes Shell Beach more beautiful. The multi-use path also provides a safe route for children to walk or ride bikes to Shell Beach Elementary. The larger water main provides additional flow to fire hydrants to provide better fire protection.

Improved Fire Safety

With my service on the County Fire Safe Council as a Board member and Vice President, I have helped to provide funding for vegetation management projects in Pismo Heights, Pacific Estates, Chumash Park area and the Northern portion of the City to help keep our City fire safe. The projects have included goats, hand crews and mechanical equipment.


Our new downtown is complete. We have a new pier, a new  pier plaza, new pavers on the sidewalks, benches, bicycle racks and wayfaring signs, and we have instituted a public art program which includes placing art on these completed projects and also on utility boxes. The downtown is designed to be family friendly and safe.

Mosquito Abatement

When the County stopped performing mosquito abatement, I led the effort to establish our own program since I was concerned about the impact of mosquito borne diseases such as the West Nile virus and now the possibility of the Zika virus.  We contract out the abatement services at very low cost to the city and we also receive regular reports on the mosquitoes which are trapped.


I supported more off street parking at Dinosaur Caves Park which has reduced parking impacts on the neighborhood. We also have new playground equipment at Dinoaur Caves and Spyglass parks. I have also been a leader in the effort to complete the upgrade of Price Historic Park. We have made substantial improvements with a paved parking lot, fencing, and some landscaping, but we have much more to do.

Bluff Erosion

Bluff protection has been a top priority to protect our infrastructure.  We have completed the Vista del Mar seawall and the Saint Andrews tract seawalls. Both have stair access to the beach below. We are currently working on a major project to replace the Morro stairs.

Repave Streets

I committed to improving our infrastructure when I first ran for city council and repaving our streets has been a priority. Just this year, we have contracted to repave fully one third of our streets at a cost of over $14 million and my goal is to finish all of our streets.

Public Safety

I am proud of the fine work performed by our police and fire personnel to help keep our residents safe and secure. I have been leading the effort to build a new fire station downtown and the council accepted this as a goal so our firefighters can serve us more effectively. A new station will mean quicker responses by our firefighters. We will also add more space for our police department.

Energy Efficiency

A few years ago, I proposed and the Council agreed to include a goal to make the City more energy efficient and to explore renewable energy options.  We have completed several projects. One major effort was to install solar panels at our Corporation Yard and the Police Station along with batteries. Another was the retrofitting of all of our buildings to with new energy efficient LED lighting, more efficient HVAC and other energy efficiency measures. Previously, we had replaced our traffic signal lights with more energy efficient LED’s and replaced some pumps at our wastewater treatment plant with more energy efficient ones.

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