"Proven leadership & experience."

Mayor Ed Waage

More to Do

There is much more that needs to be done to improve our city.

  • Continue efforts to recycle our water to make our city more resilient to drought.

  • Build a new fire station on Bello Street to reduce response times and improve service.

  • Keep our city on a sound financial footing.

  • Continue current efforts to repave our streets.

  • Beautify James Way to make it more attractive.

  • Address parking impacts downtown to make more parking available.

  • Continue to fix up the downtown area to make it more attractive and improve traffic flow.

  • Continue efforts to make Pismo Beach fire safe in  Pismo Heights, Pacific Estates and the Northern portion of the city. My service on the County Fire Safe Council has helped to fund vegetation clearance with goats, hand crews and mechanical equipment.

  • Support the efforts of our Police officers and Fire fighters to make our city safer.

  • Complete Price Historic Park with additional landscaping and other improvements and finish upgrades at Dinosaur Caves Park.