"Proven leadership & experience."

Mayor Ed Waage


It is my privilege to represent you as Mayor of this beautiful city.
When first elected, I committed to fix up the city, enhance our water supply and keep us safe. I kept that commitment.
I am passionate about safety and I have been a leader in reducing wildfire risk through my service on the County Fire Safe Council. The COVID-19 virus has been especially challenging and I have done my best to keep everyone safe.
Our water recycling program, Central Coast Blue, will provide an additional source of water which will help sustain us through the next drought. I advocated for federal and state grants to reduce the cost and we have already received substantial funding.
We have more to do. Our downtown fire station is in serious need of replacement. I have been leading the effort to build a new station which will reduce response times of up to one minute.
I ask for your vote in November.