"Proven leadership & experience."

Mayor Ed Waage

“You have truly showed your committment for public safety & the citizens of this city and county. The foresite & leadership you have displayed only confirms and reassures our endorsement of the correct candidate.”

Kev Anderson

CAL FIRES Firefighters Local 2881 Chapter Director - San Luis Obispo

Three incumbents are running for re-election in Pismo Beach: Mayor Ed Waage, Councilwoman Marcia Guthrie, and Councilmen Erik Howell. 

We recommend all three for re-election, based both on their experience and, more importantly, what they’ve helped achieved in Pismo.

Waage has served on the Planning Commission and City Council and now seeks his third term as mayor. He’s also involved in regional issues; he chairs the League of California Cities Coastal Cities Group, which is working on ways to protect the coast from sea level rise.”

SLO Tribune

Pismo Beach Entrance Clam Shell

Interviews With Local Endorsements

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